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Editing Page Content

Using the Online HTML Editor

To edit the content of a page using the online editor:


Most of the text editing features will be familiar as they are similar to applications such as Microsoft Word.

The font list contains the standard fonts that are available on most browsers. color=red>color:red'>Additional fonts can be added to this list using the "Configure additional fonts" option on the main menu. When choosing additional fonts, remember that the fonts available on your own PC are not necessarily available to your visitors.

If there are tables on your page and you cannot see the borders, click on theImage button.

For information on inserting links, images and downloads into your page, see the additional topics at the bottom of this page.

To save the changes to the content, click on the button at the top of the page. To exit the editor without saving your changes, click on "Abandon Edit".

How to insert an image into a page

How to insert a document download link into a page

How to insert a link to an external web site

Go to the online editor and highlight the text (or image) that will form the link to the external site.

Press the icon on the toolbar and enter the site URL into the dialog box.

The text will turn into a link.


How to insert a link to another CMS page

How to insert preformatted content into a page using a Content Wizard

A 'Content Wizard' is a program used to insert a block of predefined HTML content into a page. Content Wizards can create dynamic content which is automatically updated by the CMS. Typical uses for Content Wizards are to insert forms (created with the CMS form designer) or news tickers into a page.

Here is an example of inserting a form into a page.

Place the cursor where the block is going to be inserted and press the 'Content Wizard' button on the toolbar.

Choose the Content Wizard you want from the drop-down box and press 'Select'.

The options that appear depend on the Content Wizard chosen. There may be several pages of options. Enter the options required.

When all options have been set the finished content will appear. Press 'OK' to insert the content into your page.

In some cases the interior of the inserted content cannot be edited manually. If you need to change the Content Wizard options you will need to delete the inserted content and insert it again. To delete the inserted content:

Click in the middle of the inserted content so that border handles are visible, but the border itself is not.

How to link to something on the same page (a named anchor)

This example assumes you're creating an anchor called 'section2'. The anchor is the point in the page that you want to jump to.

            Type: other

            URL:  #section2

How to create a link that opens a new browser window

From the online page editor:

The following content wizards are supplied as standard:

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