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Advanced content editing

Sometimes the online editor is unable to properly control the styles applied to page content, especially if the content has been pasted into the editor from an Office application such as Microsoft Word. The CMS provides methods for editing, reformatting and sanitising the source HTML code of a page without the online editor.

How to paste content from Word without proprietary formatting.

This is the recommended way to use cut/paste from Microsoft Word. It will preserve most of the structure of the text but remove Word styles that aren't required by CMS. From the online page editor:

The following methods are available for altering content that is already in the CMS.

Warning: the following options should only be used by someone familiar with HTML source code editing!

How to edit page HTML source code

To edit the raw HTML source code for a page:

Note: the editor will attempt to fix XHTML errors in the source code when leaving source view.

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