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All forum-related administration tasks can be accessed using the 'Forums' link in the Appliations section of the main menu.

How to link the forums into the website content.

If you want to create a link to a specific forum, just go to it and copy the last part of the URL shown in the browser. For example:

If the full URL in the browser is this:

Enter this as the link:

This works in the content source field or as a normal link URL in the content editor.

How to remove or hide unacceptable messages

To edit or delete the message, follow these steps:

How to remove old messages from the forums

To remove old messages, follow these steps:

Note that if a message is deleted during this process, all the replies to it are also deleted, even if they are newer than the date entered.

How to stop a user from posting messages

If a user is abusing the forums facility, there are several options available to you:

When a new message is posted, a message will be sent to the forums email address to remind you to approve or delete the message. If subsequent messages are posted before the moderator takes action, no further emails will be sent.

How to accept or delete moderated messages

To review all messages awaiting moderation, follow these steps:

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