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You can create forms to accept information from the site visitor and have that information sent to you by email, saved in a spreadsheet, or both.

Creating a form

Adding a form to a page

See the topic on adding Content Wizards to content for more details.

Adding a form to an event listing

Select the form required from the drop-down list of forms on the 'Update Event' page. Only a single form can be used for each event.

Downloading form data

If you chose 'spreadsheet' as the form type, you can fetch the current form results from the web server by going to the forms list and clicking on 'Download Results'. The data can be downloaded as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file or an XML file. The XML format is superior. Most spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel can open either type of file.

If you load the XML version into Excel, the default option to open the file "As an XML table" is sufficient. You may delete any of the extra columns labelled "fieldid" if you wish.

The XML data on the server can be edited within the CMS admin area, to remove unwanted results or mark a form submission as having been reviewed. Click 'Display/Edit Results' next to a form definition.

Using button images

Button images should be prepared in advanced by your web designer and stored in the '/images/formbuilder' folder of the website.

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