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Images and Documents

How to upload images and documents to the site

Before you can include a new image or download link into a page, the image or document file must be transferred from your own computer to the web server.

Once the transfer is complete, the image will be available in the content editor for you to insert into your pages.

Repeat the process for each image or document that you wish to transfer.

It is a good idea to organise your files by creating folders for different file types or subjects. For information on how to create a folder, see below.

How to manage images and documents

This page describes how to manage the files that you transfer to the web server using the "Upload Files" option.

From the main menu choose "Manage Files". All of your uploaded images and documents are displayed.

To view the contents of a folder, click on a folder name next to theSub Folder icon. To go back to the parent folder, click on color=red>color:red'>[main] next to theParent Folder icon.

You can filter the list by selecting one of the options from the dropdown list and pressing the "Refresh" button.

You may view a picture by clicking on the "display" link next to the filename.

You may download a document by clicking on the "download" link next to the filename.

You may delete any file by clicking on the "delete" link and following the on-screen instructions.If you delete a file, it will no longer be available to web site visitors.

How to find where an image or document appears on the site

To find out which pages or sidebars refer to a particular image or document:

Find the image/document in the media list.

Click on the 'Usage' link.

A list of pages and sidebars that refer to the file is shown. If the message ' This URL is not in the URL index' is displayed, no pages or sidebars refer to this file and it can be deleted without affecting the website.

How to create a new folder for media files

To create a new folder:

Open the parent folder in the Media List.

Click on 'Create sub-folder' at the bottom of the page.

Enter the name of the new folder and press OK.

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