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Content Index

All of the chapters and pages are displayed in the Content Index:

HTML content can be created in several ways for use with the CMS:

Using the online HTML editor (javascript-enabled browser required).

Exported directly from Word into the CSM using the Word 'Export to Website' macro.

Images and documents that are going to be used in web pages (those edited with the online HTML editor) should be stored on the web server using the 'Upload files' option from the main admin menu.


How to add a new chapter

How to edit an existing chapter

Chapters with User Filters

This information only applies to sites using the 'User Filter' option.

The User Filter options allow you to have one chapter (such as 'Support Desk') that contains different content depending on the filter value recorded against the user. The filter values are predefined in the CMS database.

Using this option means a user must log in to get access to this information so that their filter value is known.

Chapters with User Filters are shown with a yellow background in the content index (normal chapters have a blue background).

The CMS should contain a chapter for every filter value. In addition there is a 'placeholder' chapter, the sole purpose of which is to represent the real chapter until a user is logged in and the filter value is known.

Once a user has logged in, the placeholder chapter is hidden and the appropriate chapter for the users filter value is shown instead.

Settings for the 'placeholder chapter':

Settings for filter value-specific chapters:


How to add a page

Use these options with care as page duplication can affect your search engine rankings.

  • From an external HTTP/HTML page (enter complete URL to page): Copies a page from a URL.
  • No content, redirect to website or ASP script (enter URL): redirect the visitors browser to another URL.

See below for details of editing the page content with the online HTML editor.

How to edit page information


How to remove a page from the site

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